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New features on Y!Q

Via le blog officiel de Yahoo

  1. Default search. You can supply a « p » parameter that supplies a specific query for the initial Y!Q click in addition to the context.
  2. Site context. It’s now possible to supply additional context (a few words, a description, a sentence) behind the scenes. This context isn’t readily visible to the user but may help refine results even more.
  3. Module order customization. You have control over the order in which modules appear in the Y!Q overlay. If you’d rather have the search box at the bottom, simply provide a « source order » parameter.
  4. Static content insertion. Y!Q has a mechanism for providing content (text or HTML) that you’d like inserted into the overlay. This could be a message to your users, a branding logo, etc. In addition, you can use CSS to style it in any way you like.

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